v4.4.0 / 2017.11.13

New Features

  • Use new engine for building and playing oice
  • Supports auto line break for oice in latin languages
  • Support custom name for Narration block


  • Add links to blog and help centre in the footer
  • Slightly improve loading speed of editor
  • A single Stripe account can connect to multiple oice accounts
  • Show instruction of paid library creation for Taiwanese
  • Re-enable uploading multiple audio assets


  • Character image incorrectly changes after using Options or Jump block (#199)
  • No transition between consecutive Narration blocks
  • No filtering when selecting audio assets

v4.3.0 / 2017.10.30

Changes and fixes

  • use Japanese font when the UI language is set to Japanese
  • do not display preview window when a character or background is not selected
  • occasional errors when saving blocks
  • assets misalignment in library in certain cases

v4.1.0 / 2017.10.10

New features and improvements

  • categories for asset libraries

Changes and fixes

  • fixed occasional server error during translations
  • deleted assets now disappear in asset library
  • Firefox users can now scroll
  • Parallax background of featured story looks good now
  • characters with editable names can now have their names changed in two consecutive dialogue
  • options with "( will not halt a story now
  • stop background music settings fadeout time to 0 will not halt a story any more

v4.0.0 / 2017.09.25

New features and improvements

You may now include external links in your profile

  1. Story localization: now you can translate your story in multi-languages. In story settings, add a new language, oice-bot will even translate for you to start with — excuse her poor translations.
  2. Improved user profile settings: you may now add customized URLs to your profile, pixiv, Instagram, Facebook page, App Store, Google Play, you name them. Default story language can also be customized here.
  3. Story panel page is also improved. You will find it simplified — check it out.
  4. Completely revamped https://oice.com/about page for better introduction of oice, in Chinese, Japanese and English. Isn’t it a great time to recommend oice to your friends?

v 3.4.1 / 2017.08.28

New feature

  1. added real time help from oice team members — chat with them now by clicking the dialogue box at the bottom right corner!

Talk to us!


  1. use ID as display name.
  2. can use Esc to quit viewing an asset library.
  3. what’s new section of Asset Store shows only public libraries.
  4. may launch tutorial.

v 3.3.0 / 2017.08.21

New features

  1. use user’s location as default area code for SMS download

Changes and fixes

  1. attempt to fix login 500 error in some cases
  2. missing `og:type` property added
  3. updated Japanese translation

v 3.2.9

New features

  1. Add Facebook open graph info for asset library

v 3.2.0

New features

  1. Display error message for import script
  2. Support comment block (import only)

Changes and fixes

  1. improve UX in importing scripts
  2. fix unable to build story in some cases
  3. adapt tutorial volume 2 with new asset library
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