(Please refer to this article if you want to register LikeCoin ID on a desktop/laptop instead.)

To register LikeCoin ID on your mobile phone, you need to install the “Trust Wallet” app. We will go through the installation step-by-step with you. If you have Trust Wallet already, please go to step 3 directly.

I assume that you know nothing about Ethereum wallet, have not installed MetaMask or registered a LikeCoin ID before. If you do an Ethereum, you just need to import your private key to Trust Wallet.

1. Install Trust Wallet

Firstly, search for “Trust Wallet” on Google Play or Apple App Store.

like.co requires Trust Wallet app on phone

2. Create Ethereum Wallet 

 Click the Create Wallet  button upon the first launch of the app.

Click backup wallet , setup your password, keep it in a safe place

Welcome to Ethereum! You have created a digital wallet successfully

3. Visit the LikeCoin website by Trust browser

Tap browser at the bottom left corner of Trust Wallet.

Now Trust are looking familiar as a normal mobile browser

Visit https://like.co/in by entering the URL at the top address bar.

Make sure you are using the Trust Wallet instead of Chrome or Safari

4. Setup your LikeCoin ID

Here we are, at like.co/in (the sign up page), let's setup your LikeCoin ID and your email address.

If you know any LikeCoin ID of your friend, don’t hesitate to fill in at the “referrer LikeCoin ID” so that both of you and your friend can enjoy an 8 LikeCoin bonus. If you don't, don't worry, you can always use mine - ckxpress

Tap Confirm to continue

A LikeCoin ID requires minimum 7 characters

5. Don't panic, please sign.

Final step, click ok to register you info.

The Trust signing screen is a bit scary. Don’t worry, just click ok

6. Hurray! You've got your LikeCoin ID

Congratulations. You have created a LikeCoin ID successfully using the Trust Wallet. You are always welcome to visit https://like.co/in with Trust Wallet to check your balance, send/receive LikeCoin and more.

Hey, how about some LikeCoin?

Huh? you got questions about LikeCoin?

How about visit our help desk or just contact the team by the bottom-right round button.

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