Important concept:
One LikeCoin ID is tied to one wallet address ONLY and vice versa.  To get access to your LikeCoin account in any new device, you need to setup the previous wallet with its wallet address (the private key, or the keystore JSON file) first.

Here are the steps to get access to your LikeCoin ID on PC (Chrome with Metamask) that was previously registered on mobile (Trust Wallet):

On your mobile:

  1. In your Trust Wallet app, tab “Setting” at the bottom of the menu screen, and then tab “Wallet”.  
  2. A list of existing wallets will be displayed on the list.  Tab on the “i” icon of the one you want to get access from Metamask, and choose “Export keystore”. (in Android phone, the icon is like "土" ) 
  3. setup a password that you think it is save.
  4. System will give you a keystore JSON string. DON’T give it to anyone.  Keep it in a safe place. 

On your PC(with Metamask installed on Chrome):

  1. Open your Metamask UI
  2. Tab the “Switch account” icon, next to the menu icon at the top right hand corner of the Metamask window
  3. Click the “import account” option.(If you have a number of accounts, you may need to scroll down the list to find this option.)
  4. Select type choose "JSON file". 
  5. Paste your JSON file string and submit.

Now on Metamask, switching your current account just imported then visit  You will be able to get access to the LikeCoin account previously registered on mobile.

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