Important concept:
One LikeCoin ID is tied to one wallet address ONLY and vice versa.  To get access to your LikeCoin account in any new device, you need to setup the previous wallet with its wallet address (the private key, or the keystore JSON file) first.

Here are the steps to get access to your LikeCoin ID on mobile (Trust Wallet) that was previously registered on desktop/laptop (MetaMask):

On your desktop/laptop:

  1. Open Chrome, login to your MetaMask
  2. Click the “…” icon next to your wallet name label. 
  3. Choose “Export Private Key”, enter your password
  4. Copy the key and keep it in a safe place, DON’T give it to anyone.

On your mobile with Trust Wallet app installed:

  1. Choose “Settings”, and then “Wallets”
  2. Tab the “+” icon at the top right hand corner
  3. Tab the “IMPORT WALLET” button
  4. Paste your JSON keystone string or the Private Key, Tab “Import”
  5. Switch to the “Browser” view and visit  You can now login to the site by the newly imported wallet address.  You can also check your LikeCoin balance in the Wallet page.

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