We officially support using ETH (ethereum) to buy LikeCoin (on https://like.co/in/tokensale).
If you have fiat money (e.g. USD , HKD), you may buy LikeCoin through MyEthShop (https://www.myethshop.com/trade/likecoin) or TideBit (https://www.tidebit.com/crowdsale/plans/like).

Please note that if you buy LikeCoin through https://like.co/in/tokensale, You can get 100 LikeCoin bonus. Also, if you fill in referrer when you register, you can get extra 2.5% LikeCoin bonus !

If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us by the blue dialogue bubble at bottom right corner. We will help as soon as poosible.

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