If both sender's and recipient's accounts have a LikeCoin ID, LikeCoin may be sent via like.co/Recipient'sLikeCoinID account. (Note that this process needs to be performed on the computer and the phone does not support it at this time)

If one or both of the wallets have not a LikeCoin ID, try binding the wallet to the metamask to register the LikeCoin ID.

If I still can't register for a LikeCoin ID?

Whether or not you have a LikeCoin ID, anyone can directly use a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens to send LikeCoin to those wallets supporting ERC20. But note that using this method requires a small amount of Ethereum (called Gas) as transaction costs.

(For the setting of "Gas Cost", please refer to https://ethgasstation.info/ .)

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