Step 1: Check the transaction cost

You can checkthe current Gas cost level on the ETH Gas Station website. The red circle in the figure below shows the ETH fee (in gwei) that is recommended for the lowest successful transfer.

             Recommended minimum transaction fee level - Gas Price SafeLow

Step 2: Register LikeCoin ID on MetaMask.

1) Click on the Menu (Top left corner)

2) Click on Add token

3) Search Like & click LikeCoin

Step 3: Transfer LikeCoin

1) Click Send

2) Fill in the transaction information, the description of the details is as follows:

To address (red box): fill in the other party's wallet address

Amount (green box): Fill in the number of LikeCoins you want to transfer

Gas Fee (blue box): This is a transaction-like fee and must be paid in ETH (Ethereum). The amount changes over time and generally does not exceed $1. In addition, it is automatically filled in, please do not change if there is no accident.

Once you've filled it out, click on the next page, sign, and your LikeCoin will arrive at the other's wallet.

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