After logging in to Liquid, select "Exchange" from the menu above.


Step 1: Choose the right pair to exchange with

After entering the "Exchange" interface, select the currency trading pair you want to trade at the top left of the screen (in the red circle below), such as BTC/HKD, LIKE/ETH, ETH/USD, etc.

                            Liquid offers many different currency trading pairs.

Step 2: Fill in the transaction form (Order Form)

The transaction form is on the right of the screen by default (the red box in the figure below), fill in and submit this form to execute the transaction.

For example, if you want to buy 20,000 LikeCoin at a price of 0.000016 ETH, the information you would like to fill in is:
Price: 0.000016 (ETH)
Quantity: 20000 (LIKE)

Then click on "Place Buy Order" and click the OK button.

The transaction form is preset to the right of the screen

For another example, if you want to sell 20,000 LikeCoin at market price, the information you need to fill in is:



Quanity: 20000 (LIKE)

Then click on "Place Sell Order" and click the OK button.


Observe market conditions before buying and selling

There are still some useful information windows in the exchange screen. It is best to study it before trading. E.g:

  • Order Book
  • Trend chart (Chart)
  • Transaction history (Trade Feed)

In addition, you can check the trading commands that you are currently executing and that have been executed in the past. This information is available in the "Orders" window and in the "Executions" window.

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