The amount of LIKE mined is proportional to the number of Likes you can get from the readers who with LikeCoin ID registered. The promotion and exposure of your article is hence very important. You cannot earn any LIKE without exposure even with the best content.

Tips for earning more LIKE:

  • Personalised LikeButton
    Thumbnail Your brand is important. Let’s upload your picture and customized your display name on immediately so that your portrait can show up in the LikeButton.
  • Proper Featured Graphics
    Choose an attractive banner for your article can surely help the click rate especially when sharing on social media.
  • Call Out
    Feel free to call out your readers to register and give you Likes
  • Enhanced Search
    Adding the tag Proof of Creativity in your Medium articles to help the community discover your works.
  • Cross Promotion
    Bind your contacts such as Facebook page to your LikeCoin ID at so that your fans can more likely be notified by your news.
  • Keep on Sharing
    Share your works in whatever channels that you can think of. LikeCoin’s telegram group is a good choice of course.
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