Assume that you have not installed MetaMask, the crypto-wallet that LikeCoin has integrated to before.

You will need to have a desktop PC.  Follow the below steps:

  1. Use your PC, visit by Chrome browser.  
  2. Login with your social account
  3. Visit
  4. Under the "Profile" tab, find the "Wallet address" label.  Click on the "Bind MetaMask wallet" link after it.
  5. Follow the on screen steps to finish installing MetaMask.
  6. You will see a wallet address after the "Wallet address" label after finishing the installation.  Congratulation, you can now earn LikeCoin by your creations!

Make sure that you backup the 12-word seed phrase during the MetaMask installation.  It is critical to note that the seed phrase is the ONLY way to restore your wallet.  The wallet is your own property, we won't keep it for you.

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