Once you've registered and logged in, you should see that the LikeButton in other people's work change from gray to colored background. This means that you have successfully logged in with the LikeCoin ID, and the like you have given converting income for author.

However, if you find that the background color of the appreciation key is still gray, then there are several possibilities:

1. The currently used browser is not logged in.

Even if you log in to a LikeCoin ID in a browser (such as Chrome), it doesn't mean you are already logged in to another browser. If you are entering another browser, or if you are browsing a webpage in a mobile app (such as a Facebook app), you will need to log in again to have the browser store your login information.

2. Some mobile apps are not supported

Some applications will not support the new window pop-up, which will make it impossible to log in. For example, the Medium app on the iPhone. You can only copy and paste the URL of the work into a common browser.

3. Browser's third-party cookie blocking settings

Browsers such as Safari and Chrome have a third-party cookies settings, which prevents the site from knowing the user's login status. You need to unblock in "Browser Settings". Here's how to unblock on Chrome:

  1. In Google Chrome browser, at the top right, click More.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Search Content settings.

    4. Click Cookie.

    5. Unchecked Block third-party cookies.

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