Step 1: Install Chrome extension

Although MetaMask also supports other browsers such as Firefox, the Chrome version is the most stable one. supports Chrome version only.

Access by Chrome, click "Get Chrome Extension".

Click Get Chrome Extension

Click "add to Chrome" in the Chrome store interface, then click "add new extension". 


You will see a fox logo at the top right hand corner of the browser after successful installation.

Step 2: Create wallet

The next step is to create a wallet.  Click the fox icon at the top right corner of the browser, click "Continue" to start.

Setup your password.

Go through those terms and condition screens.  

Click the "lock" to reveal the "seed words". The system will show you a 12-word seed words, it is very important as it is the key to restore your wallet addresses.  Keep it safe and secret.

Again, do not  show this 12-word seed words to anyone.


To make sure that you have keep your seed words well, the system requires you to input these words again in the next step.  Just follow.

You are done if you see the screen below.  

Welcome to the crypto world!  You are going to use this wallet to access LikeCoin.

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