Assume you register your Liker ID with the wallet address in MetaMask.

If you tried to login with MetaMask and a new registration screen appears, it means that the MetaMask wallet address you are using is not the same as the wallet address you provided when you registered. There are two possible reasons:

  1. You have reinstalled MetaMask and reset the old wallet data;
  2. You installed MetaMask on a computer before, and you login from a different computer

MetaMask is a wallet "management tool". The real "wallet" is a string of wallet addresses, so if you reinstalled MetaMask or installed it on a new computer, the wallet address managed in MetaMask will be reset. It will no longer be the wallet address you used when you registered. Therefore, the system will recognise it as a new wallet address and direct you to register a new Liker ID.


Import the old wallet address into the MetaMask you are using.

  1. Firstly, you must have a backup of the old wallet's "seed phrase" (a set of 12 English words to store all the information needed to recover a wallet) or a private key (a long string of garbled text).
  2. Suppose you have the seed phrase in your hand. Paste and click "import" your seed phrase into MetaMask.
  3. Once the import is complete, click on the favicon to select the new imported wallet address and then try to login to If this is your registered address, the system will not pop up the registration page, and you may log in directly.
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